Air pressure intensifier

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Air pressure intensifier

"MPA" series air pressure intensifier is designed to provide the user with a pressure that is higher downstream from the booster than it is upstream from it: actual pressure increases will depend on compression ratio of the chosen version. AIRON air boosters are available with compression ranges of 2.5:1 and 3,5:1. With the circuit integrated in the system the user can obtain the right pressure simply by adjusting input pressure. Easy to fit, compact and with good delivery flow rates, these boosters are a practical and economic solution for all those applications which require greater pressure than that provided by the compressor alone. Generally used to increase the force of pneumatic cylinders they thus provide, given the same force, more compact, lighter units for high pressure blowing, testing of components, burst tests etc. For different flow rates and ratios please contact our technical service.

Notes for the use
1) MPA pressure intensifier is a volumetric device that works like a cylinder therefore the high pressure output is pulsating. Airon suggest to use a tank after the pressure intensifier in order to get a continous and regular flow.
2) Choosing a pressure intensifier do not involve the only pressure ratio but even the tank volume to feed the requested flow. At first it is necessary to calculate the air consumption of the components (cylinders, blowing nozzles etc.) then it is possible to calculate the tank volume.
For further information please contact technical dept.


Order codes
M P A . 2 5 . 5 5
1 2 3
1 Series
Air-oil pressure intensifier
2 Typology
25 Pressure ratio 2,5:1
35 Pressure ratio 3,5:1
50 Pressure ratio 5:1
3 Accessories
PB Foot fixing
JRE Whit pressure regulator JRE.38.Q10


Code example
Air-oil booster with pressure-ratio 30:1 single acting.