Coils and connectors

Extract from catalogue - coils and connectors (600kb)

3D drawings in STP format - documents freely available with registration

SLM - ...
Terminal type AMP 2,8x0,5
SL - ... Terminal type AMP 6,3x0,8
SL - CN ... Terminal type DIN 43650

The coils "SL" series are tested for use on all AIRON valves. The copper wire inside respect the IEC 317-13 in class H. This feature with the high quality level of the materials to be used 100% of the time.
There are coils of different voltages, powers and sizes To allow have different voltages coils please contact the technical department.

Code example
For order of a valve with coil, in order to specify the voltage, don't write SLM and SL suffix.
Solenoid valve G1/4 size 22 mm 5/2 monostable (EF52M4-0000) with coil 24V DC (SL-024C).
Solenoid valve ISO1 5/2 monostable with CNOMO electric pilot (EI52M1-CN-0000) and coil 24V DC (SL-024C).
Solenoid valve ISO1 5/2 monostable with CNOMO electric pilot (EI52M1.CN-0000) and CNOMO coil 24V DC (SL-CN-024C).



"industrial" type connections
C22. "industrial" type connections
C30. Connections type DIN 43650 A

The connectors in this section were tested with AIRON coils and with the gasket, reach a degree of protection IP65.
The product range consists of tree families of connectors, C17, C22 and C30 with the possibility to have, for each family, standard products, those with led indicator of operation and finally those with led and varistor for protection of against spikes voltage. In addition to those products complement the existing range pressed connectors which are also supplied in versions previously described.

Code example
Transparent connector C22 with led indicator and 10-50V voltages.