Rotating valves

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Rotating valve

The "VR" series rotary valve is a 4-way pneumatic distributor mechanically activated by rotation of the distribution spool.
This valve has been designed to control a pneumatic cylinder (mobile cylinder) the movement of which keeps the system in equilibrium.
The valve is connected directly to the cylinder and, depending on the diameter of the cylinder to be activated, it is possible to choose between the VR2 model with a rated passage of 2.4 mm or the VR3 with a rated passage of a 3.4 mm.
The valve flow rate depends on the spool rotation angle: this ensures that cylinder movement is smooth and linear even when drive is inverted.
A superb operating principle and high quality materials make the valve reliable even in particularly dirty workplaces.
The valve is supplied complete with a spool control plate to which the client must connect the feeler and counterweight which best suit his/her needs.

Order codes
VR 2 . P
1 2 3
1 Series
VR Valvola rotante
2 Typology
2 Ø nominal 2,4 mm
3 Ø nominal 3,4 mm
3 Version
Without foot
P With foot


Code example
Rotating valve Ø nominal 3,4 mm with presser foot.


VR2.; VR2P; VR3.; VR3P;