Multipole connections system for isle of valves

Extract from catalogue - multipole connection system BM (1.4Mb)

Multipole connection system for isle of valves

Valve island with multi pole connector "BM" series is a compact valve manifold of G1I8 size. It is supplied assembled and tested both pneumatically and electrically ready to be used by the customer for its need. Main features are: compactness, expansing till maximum 16 places, Leds to show each coil status. BM valve island can be ordered with blanking plates in order to accept more valves and can be assembled pneumatic operated valves. Sub D 25 pins male connector can be connected to the BMC.25 ... female cable to pilot the valve island.

Order codes
BM . 2 C . 3 B . 1 V B . 3 M . 5 D A
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 Series
BM Valves island
2 Typology
2 3 position valves quantity
3 Typology
C 3 position valves type
4 Typology
3 Valve 5/2 bistable quantity
5 Typology
B Valve 5/2 bistable type
6 Typology
1 Empty places quantity
7 Typology
VB Empty places eventually used with valve 5/2 bistable
8 Typology
3 Valve 5/2 monostable quantity
9 Typology
M Valve 5/2 monostable type
10 Typology
5 Diaphragm located after "n" places from connector (example: 5 places)
11 Typology
DA Diaphragm on the feeding port
DS Diaphragm on the exaust port
DT Diaphragm on the feeding and exaust ports


Code example
Island valves with multipole connector made of: n°2 5/3 closed center valves, n° 3 5/2 double solenoid valves, 1 blanking plate where to assembling valves in future; n° 3 5/2 single solenoid valves with a diaphragm located at 5 places from Sub-D 25 connector.


Extract from catalogue - multipole cable (200kb)


BM.; BMC.25;