Customized units

Extract from catalogue - customized units (2.6Mb)

Unit assembling

In the cases where there is the necessity to realize a special air treatment unit according to the customer's requests, Airon gives the possibility to identify the wished unit in a simple way. In fact in the below assembling example, it can be seen how to create the code of the customized air treatment unit.

Order codes
J C S P . 38 . E

1 2 3 4 5
1 Series
JC Unit assembling
2 Flow direction
D Flow from right
S Flow from left
3 Version
T See-through bowl
P Protected bowl
S Not available
4 Size
M5=M5 14=G1/4 38=G3/8 12=G1/2 34=G3/4 1=G1
5 Unit components
... For complete code unit download pdf file