Stainless steel cylinders standard ISO 6432

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Minicylinder ISO standard 6432 - Ø 12·16·20·25 mm

XTA Minicylinder derived from ISO series, no rear hinge.

Pneumatic cylinder "XB" series are actuators made of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 in compliance with ISO 6432 standard for the bore from 8 to 25 mm.
Reliability, easy maintenence, robusteness and last but not least chemical resistance are the technical principles followed during the designing. They can be used on the chemicals, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutics industry.
Infact, end caps are screwed on the tube in order to give a easiness of maintenence while piston have mechanical shock absorber to manage the bumping at the end of the stroke allowing long lasting work in silently way.
Available in many basic versions, variations that together with a complete range of fixing accessories and specific magnetic sensors allow the best use to the customer.

Order codes
X B A 4 M . 1 6 . 0 0 2 5 . V S . S E A
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Series
XBA Minicylinder ISO standard 6432
XTA Minicylinder derived from ISO series (compact) - No rear hinge
2 Typology
4 AISI 304
6 AISI 316 (Ø25)
3 Version
A Non magnetic, with adjustable end-of-stroke shock absorbers, bore Ø25 mm
C With adjustable end-of-stroke shock absorbers and magnetic, bore Ø25 mm
M Magnetic
S Non magnetic
4 Bore
Ø 12·16·20·25 mm
5 Standard stroke
10-25-40-50-75-80-100-125-150-160-200-250-300-320-400-500 mm
6 Variants
SP Version: through rod
SEA Ejecución: simple efecto con muelle de retorno anterior
SEP Ejecución: simple efecto con muelle de retorno posterior
SS Piston rod and rod nut: no thread undercut
A6 Piston rod and rod nut: AISI 316 (XBA4, XTA4)
VS Piston rod seal: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150°C)
ES Piston rod seal: EPDM
PS All seals: polyurethane
GV All seals: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150°C)
AA Pneumatic cushioning: front only
AP Pneumatic cushioning: rear only
7 Special versions
AM.. Screw tap rod end with lenght on request
WH.. Rod protrusion on request
SF Female screw thread rod end
SD Rod end according to the customer's drawings
KK Metrical thread


Code example
Cylinder ISO 6432, stainless steel AISI 304, magnetic, bore 20 mm and stroke 25 mm.


Magnetic switches

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