Additionals valves, fittings and accessories

Section additional valves, fittings and accessories (2.7Mb)


M5 ÷ G1/2 G1/8 ÷ G1/2 G1/8 ÷ G1/2

Push-in fittings Push-on fittings Compression fittings


M5 ÷ G2 G1/8 ÷ G1/2 M5 ÷ G1/2

Thread fittings Distribution manifolds Push-in flow regulators


M5 ÷ G1/2 G1/8 ÷ G3/8 M5 ÷ G1
Thread flow regulators Lock valves Automatic valves


M5 ÷ G1/2
Ø4 ÷ Ø12
G1/8 ÷ G3/8 G1/8 ÷ G2
Unidirectional valves
Pneumatic switch for cylinder Ball valves and slide valves


M5 ÷ G1/2
Ø4 ÷ Ø12
G1/8 ÷ G3/4 G1/8 ÷ G1/4
Stainless steel push-in fittings Stainless steel thread fittings Stainless steel flow regulators


G1/8 ÷ G1/2 G1/8 ÷ G1 G1/8 ÷ G1
Stainless steel thread flow regulators Stainless steel quick exhaust valve Stainless steel unidirectional valves


G1/8 ÷ G1/2 M5 ÷ G1 Ø4 ÷ 15 mm
Quick coupling joint Exhaust regulators and silencers
Hoses and accessories


125 ÷ 10000 cc

Air-oil reservoir