Air treatment accessories

Extract from catalogue - accessories (4.1Mb)


Electronic pressure switches
Electronic pressure switches PE20/25 series are electronic devices to check air pressure in a easy and fast way. The wide display shows the selected functions, the choice between many electronic circuits and accessories make them a complete, accurate and reliable instruments. Available on standard with 2 digital output, the 08-10 version the have a analogic tension outlet. PE25 model has the same feature of the PE20 model but a better protection degree (IP65).
Electronic pressure switch
Electronic pressure switches PE40 series is an electronic devices to check air pressure that can change its display colour when the selected pressure value are reached. The wide display shows selected functions, the choice between many electronic circuits and accessories allows the customer to find the best pressure switch for any request. Available on standard version with an digital output, the 02-05 and 03-06 versions have respectely an analog Voltage output and Current output.
Lock type valve
The "JVS" is a 3 way cutting off valve. It is used upstream the pneumatic circuit (in front or behind "FRL") to quickly cut off air feeding and to discharge the pressure.
As accessory it can be provided with a padlockin order to lock it avoiding any use by unhautorized personnel.
Pressure switch
To adjust pressure switch, take out connector and insert a set screw wrench in the 2 mm hole where to fix the connector screw.
Rotate clockwise to increase the selected pressure or counterclockwise to decrease it.
Analogic automatic drain timer
Analogic timer TIMM series is a electric switch that close a circuit with adjustable times by means of 2 knobs on the control panel. The first knob is marked with “ON SEC” and let to set the switching time after insertion. The second "OFF MIN" one let to set the time between 2 following insertions. It is used in the automatic drain.
Automatic drain system
The "SCT-..." is an automatic drain device. time between two successive drives and the length of opening can be setted up by means of 2 knobs. This system is suitable to be connected to the pneumatic pipeline at the lowest point and must have a power supply that can be chosen according to the codes shown in the table below. It also provided a ball valves with a special filter which is used to isolate the valve element and the timer from the rest of the plant in order to carry out manitenance operation.
JM .. MFA .. MFP .. MRD .. MFF ..
Drain mode
JSC.12 is useful to collect and automatically release water produced in a closed branch of a pneumatic circuit. Water releasing is possible either with or without pressure.
On the top of the body there is a manual operated valve useful to depressurize cup before the maintanance operations.
OIL 22
Pneumatic circuit oil
Very low viscosity oil for lubricators of air treatments units, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-oxidised.

JSR .. JSF .. JSR.14.QT

JGT .. JGL .. JGS ..