Pressure regulators

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Pressure regulator

The pressure regulators "JR" series can be installed on control boards. By the lockout of regulation knob the setting out of pressure regulation stays still. The installation of pressure regulators is easier thanks to the presence of two gauge ports. The big size pressure regulators are useful when you need of big flow. They are available of G1 ½ e G2 size.

Order codes
J R . 3 8 . 0 . 0 0 . 0 0
1 2 3
1 Series
JR Pressure regulator
2 Port size
... M5=M5 14=G1/4 38=G3/8 12=G1/2 34=G/4 1=G1 112=G1 1/2   2=G2
3 Variants
JSR Fixing bracket
M12 Gauge: scale 0÷12
M04 Gauge: scale 0÷4
R02 Max pressure adjustable: 2 bar
R04 Max pressure adjustable: 4 bar
NR Without relieving
DX Flow from right


Code example
Pressure regulator "JR", G3/8 port size, with gauge scale 0÷10 and fixing bracket.



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