Air filters

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Air filter

Thanks to the presence of a large filtering surface, the "JF" series allows to keep the values of flow rate next to the nominal ones for a lifetime and also in hard operating conditions. Big size filters "JFP" series are available in G1 ½ e G2 size and allow to use a big filter that reduces the maintenance steps

Order codes
J F P . 3 8 . 0 . 0 0 . 0 0 0
1 2 3 4
1 Series
JF Air filter
2 Version
T Polycarbonate bowl for M5 and G1/4 port size
P Polycarbonate bowl with metallic protection for G1/4-G3/8-G1/2-G3/4-G1-G1 1/2-G2 port size
3 Port size
... M5=M5 14=G1/4 38=G3/8 12=G1/2 34=G/4 1=G1 112=G1 1/2    2=G2
4 Variants
A Automatic drain mode
F05 Filter degree: 5 µm
JSF Fixing bracket


Code example
Air filter "JF", polycarbonate bowl with metallic protection for G3/8 port size, with automatic drain mode, with fixing bracket.