EF and PF bases

Extract from catalogue - EF and PF bases (400kb)

Base for valves "EF" and "PF"

These manifold bases allow to assembly 5/2 and 5/3 type valves of "EF" and "PF" series valves.
Each base is supplied with gaskets and screws for a complete assembly of the valves on it and there are closed position plates in order to closes the unused places (PC.BVF).

Bases order codes
BVF S . 0 2 . 5 D
1 2 3 4
1 Series
BVF Single base
2 Size - Port
S 18 - G1/8
M 22 - G1/8-G1/4
L 27 - G1/4-G3/8
X 34 - G1/2
3 Number of positions
02 2
03 3
04 4
05 5
06 6
07 7
08 8
09 9
10 10
11 11
12 12
4 Diaphragm
No diaphragm
5D DIaphragm place fifth valve positions
Note: the diaphragm is required when is necessary to feed some valves at different pressure. Therefore each base can accept just one diaphragm. It will be located at the place indicated by the number in front to the letter “D”.
More informations

Please see catalogue for assembled manifold order codes.


BVFS.02; BVFS.03; BVFS.04; BVFS.05; BVFS.06; BVFS.07; BVFS.08; BVFS.09; BVFS.10; BVFS.11; BVFS.12; BVFM.02; BVFM.03; BVFM.04; BVFM.05; BVFM.06; BVFM.07; BVFM.08; BVFM.09; BVFM.10; BVFM.11; BVFM.12; BVFL.02; BVFL.03; BVFL.04; BVFL.05; BVFL.06; BVFL.07; BVFL.08; BVFL.09; BVFL.10; BVFL.11; BVFL.12; BVFX.02; BVFX.03; BVFX.04; BVFX.05; BVFX.06; BVFX.07; BVFX.08; BVFX.09; BVFX.10; BVFX.11; BVFX.12;