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ISO  15552 cylinders

Extract from catalogue - ISO 15552 cylinders (4.4Mb)

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Drawings DWG

3D drawings in STP format - documents freely available with registration

"H" series bore 32 - 125

B "B" series bore 32 - 320

ISO 15552 standard cylinders range has made of 2 series; "B.." series from 32 to 320 mm bore and "H.. series" from 32 to 125 mm.
Common technical features of both series are reliability and performance but the particular care on the production tecnologies and materials allow to series "H.." a better quality/price level.
There are 3 barrel types; (.F.) square version suitable to use with sensors in slots, (.P) “clean” version with mickey mouse shape and (.T.) round tube with tie rods in order to give answer to any need of the final customer.
Available in many versions and variations, together with a complete range of accessories allow the best use to the customer.

Order codes
B F M . 0 3 2 . 0 2 5 0 . A 4 . K K
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Series
H Bore Ø 32 ÷ 125
B Bore Ø 32 ÷ 320
2 Typology
F Anodized aluminium profiled barrel for SMT sensor 32 - 125
L Light anodized aluminium profiled barrel for SMT sensor 32 - 125 only "H" series
P Anodized aluminium profiled barrel 32 - 200 (160-200 not available with sensors)
T Tie rods versions 32 - 320
3 Version
M Magnetic
S Non magnetic
4 Bore
Ø 32-40-50-63-80-100-125-160-200-250-320 mm
5 Standard stroke
25-40-50-75-80-100-125-150-160-200-250-300-320-400-500-600-700-800-900-1000 mm
6 Variants - Standard front and rear pneumatic cushioning
SP Version: through rod
A4 Piston rod and rod nut: AISI 304 stainless steel (Ø32 ÷ 250)
A6 Piston rod and rod nut: AISI 316 stainless steel (Ø32 ÷ 250)
AC Piston rod and rod nut: AISI 304 cromium plated steel (Ø32 ÷ 250) - Rod nut AISI 304
SS Piston rod: no thread undercut
VS Piston rod seal: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150°C)
ES Piston rod seal: EPDM
GV All seals: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150°C)
TO All seals: seals for oil max pressure 10 bar - no pneumatic cushioning available
AA Pneumatic cushioning: front only
AP Pneumatic cushioning: rear only
NA Pneumatic cushioning: not present
F4 Screws, cushioning screws: AISI 304
7 Special versions
AM.. Screw tap rod end with lenght on request
WH.. Rod protrusion on request
SF Female screw thread rod end
SD Rod end according to the customer's drawings
KK Metrical thread
C ...
Cylinders opposed by 3-positions (same stroke) or 4 positions covers (different stroke)
TD ...
Thrust and draught tandem - This cylinder develops a force of multiple (n) compared to the standard
... MS
Multiple position cylinder - This "n"-stages cylinder has n+1 positions
RCU ..
Outlet stroke adjustment - It allows to adjust precisely the point of rod max extension
RCR ..
Inlet stroke adjustment - It allows to adjust precisely the point of inlet limit stop of rod
A ..
Reduced cushioning stroke
SEA Single acting cylinder front spring, inlet rod at rest - Bore 32÷100, max stroke 50 mm
SEP Single acting cylinder rear spring, outlet rod at rest - Bore 32÷100, max stroke 50 mm
CS Bellows-actuated type for rod thrust cover - Bore 40÷125, max stroke 1335 mm
SVF... Bracket for on board valve


Code example
ISO 15552 cylinder with aluminium profiled barrel for foldaway magnetic switches, magnetic piston, bore .63 mm and stroke 250 mm, piston rod seal in fluorine rubber.


Magnetic switches

Extract from catalogue - magnetic switches (5.8Mb)


HFM.032; HFS.032; HLM.032; HLS.032; HPM.032; HPS.032; HTM.032; HTS.032; HFM.040; HFS.040; HLM.040; HLS.040; HPM.040; HPS.040; HTM.040; HTS.040; HFM.050; HFS.050; HLM.050; HLS.050; HPM.050; HPS.050; HTM.050; HTS.050; HFM.063; HFS.063; HLM.063; HLS.063; HPM.063; HPS.063; HTM.063; HTS.063; HFM.080; HFS.080; HLM.080; HLS.080; HPM.080; HPS.080; HTM.080; HTS.080; HFM.100; HFS.100; HLM.100; HLS.100; HPM.100; HPS.100; HTM.100; HTS.100; HFM.125; HFS.125; HLM.125; HLS.125; HPM.125; HPS.125; HTM.125; HTS.125; BFM.032; BFS.032; BLM.032; BLS.032; BPM.032; BPS.032; BTM.032; BTS.032; BFM.040; BFS.040; BLM.040; BLS.040; BPM.040; BPS.040; BTM.040; BTS.040; BFM.050; BFS.050; BLM.050; BLS.050; BPM.050; BPS.050; BTM.050; BTS.050; BFM.063; BFS.063; BLM.063; BLS.063; BPM.063; BPS.063; BTM.063; BTS.063; BFM.080; BFS.080; BLM.080; BLS.080; BPM.080; BPS.080; BTM.080; BTS.080; BFM.100; BFS.100; BLM.100; BLS.100; BPM.100; BPS.100; BTM.100; BTS.100; BFM.125; BFS.125; BLM.125; BLS.125; BPM.125; BPS.125; BTM.125; BTS.125; BPM.160; BPS.160; BTM.160; BTS.160; BPM.200; BPS.200; BTM.200; BTS.200; BTM.250; BTS.250; BTM.320; BTS.320;