Slow start valve

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Slow start valve

The slow start valve allow to pressurize a pneumatic circuit in two phases. During the first phase the outlet pressure increase gradually approximately up to half inlet pressure. After that the outlet pressure increase fast till that the outlet pressure is the same as the inlet pressure.
It’s available with all AIRON FRL components, usually it is place after the FRL to reduce damage during the pressurize phase.
The slow start valve is also a shutoff valve because, when the pilot is inactive, it discharge immediately the pressure inside the circuit.
It is available in G1/4, G3/8 and G1/2 sizes and with pneumatic or electrical pilot.

Order codes
J A V . E . 1 4 . 0 . 0 0 0 0
1 2 3 4 5
1 Series
JAV Avviatore progressivo
2 Version
E Electrical pilot
P Pneumatic pilot
3 Port size
... 14=G1/4 38=G3/8 12=G1/2 1=G1
4 Gauge
M10 Gauge with scale 0÷10 bar
5 Variants
0000 Without coil (JAV.E)
024C 24V. cc. (JAV.E)
024A 24V. ca. (JAV.E)
110A 110V. ca. (JAV.E)
220A 220V. ca. (JAV.E)


Code example
Slow start valve size G1/4 with 0-10 bar gauge and direct current coil 0-24VDC.



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