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ISO 6432 crimped cover cylinders

Extract from catalogue - ISO 6432 crimped cover cylinders (2.3Mb)

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3D drawings in STP format - documents freely available with registration

ISO 6432 mini cylinder crimped cover - Ø 8·10·12·20·25 mm

ESA Mini cylinder derived from ISO series, rear inlet port in line

ETA Mini cylinder derived from ISO series, no rear hinge

Pneumatic cylinder “EBA” series are actuators made in compliance with ISO 6432.
Lightness and low costs are the main principles followed during designing but keep considering the quality and reliability needs.
Tube and end caps are mechanically coupled by means of a plastic deformation; brass piston is well guided inside the tube and provided of elastic stopper at the end of stroke. Available in many basic version and variation, even no rotating piston rod when is necessary not to rotate load that together with a complete range of accessories allow the best use to the customer.

Order codes
E B A M . 1 6 . 0 0 2 5 . V S . S E A
1 2 3 4


1 Typology
EBA Mini cylinder ISO standard
ESA Mini cylinder derived from ISO series (compact) - Rear inlet port in line
ETA Mini cylinder derived from ISO series (compact) - No rear hinge
2 Version
A Non magnetic with adjustable end-of-stroke shock absorbers (EBA only, Ø16-20-25 mm)
C With pneumatic cushioning and magnetic (EBA only, Ø16-20-25 mm)
M Magnetic
S Non magnetic
3 Bore
Ø 8·10·12·16·20·25 mm
4 Standard stroke
10-25-40-50-75-80-100-125-150-160-200-250-300-320-400-500 mm
5 Variants
SP Version: through rod
SEA Version: single acting cylinder front spring
SEP Version: single acting cylinder rear spring
A6 Piston rod and rod nut: AISI 316 stainless steel
SS Piston rod and rod nut: no rotating
VS Rod seal: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150°C)
GV All seals: fluorine rubber (max temperature: 150°C)
6 Special versions
AM.. Screw tap rod end with lenght on request
WH.. Rod protrusion on request
SF Female screw thread rod end
SD Rod end according to the customer's drawings
KK Metrical thread


Code example
ISO 6432 crimped cover cylinder with magnetic piston and micrometric pneumatic cushioning, bore 16 mm and stroke 200 mm.


Magnetic switches

Extract from catalogue - magnetic switches (5.8Mb)


EBAA.08; EBAC.08; EBAM.08; EBAS.08; EBAA.10; EBAC.10; EBAM.10; EBAS.10; EBAA.12; EBAC.12; EBAM.12; EBAS.12; EBAA.16; EBAC.16; EBAM.16; EBAS.16; EBAA.20; EBAC.20; EBAM.20; EBAS.20; EBAA.25; EBAC.25; EBAM.25; EBAS.25; ESAM.08; ESAS.08; ESAM.10; ESAS.10; ESAM.12; ESAS.12; ESAM.16; ESAS.16; ESAM.20; ESAS.20; ESAM.25; ESAS.25; ETAA.08; ETAC.08; ETAM.08; ETAS.08; ETAA.10; ETAC.10; ETAM.10; ETAS.10; ETAA.12; ETAC.12; ETAM.12; ETAS.12; ETAA.16; ETAC.16; ETAM.16; ETAS.16; ETAA.20; ETAC.20; ETAM.20; ETAS.20; ETAA.25; ETAC.25; ETAM.25; ETAS.25;