Regulators with integrated gauge

Extract from catalogue - regulators with integrated gauge (400kb)

Regulator with integrated gauge

"JRE" series pressure reducers have an integrated square shaped gauge 0-10 bar and a better relieving device
inside that allow a more accurate relieving effect (Δp =0.5 bar).

Order codes
J R E . 3 8 . Q10 . 0 0 . 0 0
1 2 3 4 5
1 Series
JRE Regulator with integrated gauge
2 Port size
... 14=G1/4 38=G3/8 12=G1/2 1=G1
3 Gauge
Q10 Integrated Framework gauge scale 0 - 10 (gauge not omit the code Q.10)
4 Variants
SR With fixing bracket JSR
M04 Gauge: scale 0÷4
R02 Max pressure adjustable: 2 bar
R04 Max pressure adjustable: 4 bar
DX Flow from right
5 Accessories
JMQ.10 Built-in pressure gauge regulators and filter regulator
TPM.18 Female threaded closure plug G1/8 (for JRE.14 and JRE.38)
Female threaded closure plug G1/4 (for JRE.12 and JRE.1)


Code example
Regulator "JRE", port size G3/8, with fixing bracket.



Extract from catalogue - accessories (4.1Mb)