3D drawings STP
ISO 6432 cylinders

Round cylinders

ED cylinders

ISO 15552 cylinders

CNOMO cylinders

Short stroke cylinders

Compact cylinders

Supercompacts cylinders

Giant compact cylinders

Cylinders with position transducer

Guiding unit for ISO cylinders

Guide compact cylinders

Dual rod cylinders

Twin piston rod cylinders

Band rodless cylinders

Magnetic coupling rodless cylinders

Wide parallel opening grippers

Hollow piston rod cylinders

Twin hollow piston rod cylinders

Cylinders with piston rod locking device

Rod locking device

2 stages telescopic cylinders

3 stages telescopic cylinders

Cartridge cylinders

Torque cylinders


Stainless steel cylinders standard ISO 6432

Stainless steel round cylinders

Stainless steel cylinders standard ISO 15552

Stainless steel compact cylinders

Stainless steel guided cylinders


Direct solenoid valves G1/8

Direct solenoid valves G1/4

CNOMO direct solenoid valves

Direct solenoid miniature valves

Solenoid operated valves (with bases)

Pneumatic operated valves (with bases)

ISO 5599 solenoid and pneumatic operated valves

NAMUR solenoid and pneumatic operated valves

Manually operated valves


Logic valves

Rotating valves

Coils and connectors


Air filters - NOT AVAILABLE

Pressure regulators

Regulators with integrated gauge - NOT AVAILABLE

Lubricators - NOT AVAILABLE

Filters regulators - NOT AVAILABLE

Filters regulators with integrated gauge - NOT AVAILABLE

Air piloted regulators - NOT AVAILABLE

Compact pressure regulators - NOT AVAILABLE

Slow start valve - NOT AVAILABLE

Air treatment accessories


Hydraulic speed controller

Air pressure intensifier

Air-oil pressure intensifier

Filling units